Ajilon representatives Mary Appiah - Recruitment Consultant in Corporate Function and Laure Apprederisse - Recruitment Consultant in Banking & Finance give more details about the opportunities awaiting you in Luxembourg.

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What can I expect if I am an Ajilon hero?
  3. 3 What types of contracts do you offer?
  4. 4 What are the main profiles?
  5. 5 Could you describe how Ajilon is organized?
  6. 6 What is the typical recruitment process for being your heroes?
  7. 7 Do you have any advice to succeed it?
  8. 8 Will my job application be confidential?
  9. 9 Will I get a personal career management, trainings and career opportunities?
  10. 10 Why should I trust in your consultants?
  11. 11 What are the advantages to be a hero in Luxembourg?
  12. 12 What kind of environment and facilities can I expect for my family and myself in Luxembourg?

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