Audio Chat - Accelerated Career Development Program USA


  • Ann O’Hara, Vice President General Manager, Diversified Products, Amcor Rigid Plastics
  • Carlos Trubacz, Marketing Manager, LATAM (ACDP participant)
  • Radoslaw Krasowiak, Senior Talent & Development Manager, ACDP Program Manager

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 I have exposure to program management and corporate finance with more than 5 years of experience. What could be the other areas which I shall work on to improve my candidature.
  3. 3 Is this a program meant for professionals who have been in the corporate world for 5+ years or is it more entry level?
  4. 4 What are the challenges that the graduates from this program have faced?
  5. 5 What are the typical assignments during the program?
  6. 6 On the website it indicates this role is for individuals who hold an MBA degree. Is that a strict requirement?
  7. 7 What is Amcor's strategy? Cost or differentiation?
  8. 8 What kind of exposure in the organisation do you have as part of the ACDP?
  9. 9 How is the structure of Amcor in Latin America? In which markets do you believe Amcor can grow faster?
  10. 10 How has the program evolved since previous batches? I noticed that it used to be 3 years and now it is 4.
  11. 11 How accessible are senior managers? Can you provide examples?
  12. 12 What do you like most about working at Amcor?
  13. 13 How would you describe Amcor’s culture?
  14. 14 What is the feedback given from graduates who have already done this program?

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