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  • Anne Sofie Brusendorff, Sales Executive
  • Arthur Martinet, Supply Chain Manager
  • Tiziana Saitta, Talent Manager 
  • Alphousseyni Sonko, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What is the recruitment process like with Amcor?
  3. 3 Does the company have programs for continuing education (professional development)?
  4. 4 In what job role will the participants of the graduate program work? (e.g. Sales, Project Management etc.)
  5. 5 How is the company culture at Amcor?
  6. 6 What are the language requirements for this program?
  7. 7 What happens after successfully finishing the program? What's next?
  8. 8 Is there a minimum amount of experience that is required?
  9. 9 You mentioned various trainings earlier such as communication and negotiations, please explain the methods used to make sure training is effective?
  10. 10 You also mentioned the training depeneds on business needs, what are the most pressing sales business needs at the moment?
  11. 11 How many graduates are you hiring within Europe?
  12. 12 Since there is a rotation geographically, does Amcor's HR department helps with the visa procedure?
  13. 13 What are the main tasks for sales program? Do you answer to new RFP or just develop the business with existing clients ?
  14. 14 Are the graduates working in the same sites or are they all in different sites? How often do they meet and exchange?
  15. 15 How many international stations will be included in the program and how are the locations/rotations chosen?
  16. 16 You also mentioned about a sponsor to keep track of progression, please explain more about how the sponsors are chosen, and describe how communication will happen when a rotation in a different country is in progress?
  17. 17 Working in supply chain, how can I be part of your goal to have all packaging reusable by 2025?
  18. 18 What is Amcor doing to promote Work Life Balance of their employees?
  19. 19 What are the biggest challenges for graduates who recently joined?
  20. 20 What computer systems are in place to keep track of customer performance within the supply chain function?
  21. 21 Can you give me an example of a project in supply chain that is typical for this program?
  22. 22 What happens during the kick-off phase of the programme?
  23. 23 How is the cooperation between graduates and senior employees?
  24. 24 Can the participants communicate their preferences in which site they want to work?
  25. 25 What are qualities in candidates that have proven to be successful in these programmes?
  26. 26 Will I still have cross-functional tasks after the programme?
  27. 27 What do you like most about working at Amcor?

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