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Next Live Event: 26 September 2017

Welcome to the Bain & Company MeetingPoint for Belgium

We would like to extend a warm welcome to passionate and high potential professionals. 

On this dedicated platform it is our intention to encourage – through online events - an ongoing and productive dialogue with professionals interested in Consultancy.  Each event will give you access to Senior Consultants and other respected professional figures from a global leader in Consultancy. Our commitment is to give you the opportunity to learn more about the exciting challenges currently facing the business world and discuss with leading professionals how these issues can be overcome. Our objective is to build mutually rewarding relationships.

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How it works

If you are wondering how Meeting Point works, it is a simple online registration process.  Once you have registered, we will spend time reading through your profile. If you are a young professional with a successful track record in a blue chip company you will then become a member of the Meeting Point and you will be invited to attend several interactive online events over a period of 12 months.  Additionally, you will be able to receive exclusive updates on a range of business sector.  

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