About Barry Callebaut

The live Event is now over. You can still watch the recorded chat here.

The coolest company in the world


Barry Callebaut Group has been producing chocolate and cocoa products for over 175 years. We master every step from sourcing of cocoa beans to the finest most delicious chocolate product. In addition to being a leader in the chocolate and cocoa industry, there is something that makes our company truly unique. Hear it directly from our CEO:



Forever Chocolate


We all love chocolate and we want it to be around forever. But to do that, sustainable chocolate should become the norm. That's why we've got to find bold new ways of doing business and bringing partners together to make it happen. That's what Forever Chocolate is all about!




Barry Callebaut at One Young World


Every year, our CEO sponsors a group of young delegates, committed to support the ambitious goals in our Forever Chocolate movement. It is not only a unique chance to attend the most important young talent summit in the world, but an opportunity to have direct impact on the future of cocoa and chocolate.
Our Ambassadors return home to work on projects that help us achieve the long term goals behind this movement. The best projects are presented to the Executive Committee and become alive, giving our ambassadors a concrete opportunity to make an impact. Learn from what our millennials have to say about Forever Chocolate and hear our CEO’s speech in the One Young World Summit in Bogota.




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