Audio Chat - Africa, Europe & Asia

  • Anthony Cerquone - Head Talent Management
  • Paul-Antoine Hourticq - Graduate Trainee in Sustainability
  • Elie Fouché - Head of Group Controlling / Mentor and ex-graduate trainee
  • Florence Zimmermann - Graduate Trainee Program Manager

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 How do you manage Talent at Barry Callebaut ?
  3. 3 Could you describe the Graduate Trainee Program?
  4. 4 What is the recruitment process ?
  5. 5 What about the work environment?
  6. 6 How do you educate your employees about sustainability?
  7. 7 (How) is the feedback process with the trainee's Coach formalized?
  8. 8 What happens with the trainees after the graduate programe
  9. 9 Mr. Fouché how would you descride your experience as part of the graduate trainne program
  10. 10 How do you work on the field with cocoa farmers?
  11. 11 Thank you very much for this event! Paul-Antoine, could you please describe more about your daily work as Sustainability Trainee?
  12. 12 What advices do you have for new trainees to be successful throughout the Graduate Program?
  13. 13 Could you maybe explain, if and to what extent BC offers professional training sessions during the Graduate Program?
  14. 14 Could we have examples of what innovation means at BC ?
  15. 15 Do trainees have the opportunity to work in more than one track, such as Operations and R&D?
  16. 16 Is there a lot of room to develop leadership skills within the Graduate Program?
  17. 17 What is the main topic in the Graduate programm regarding the HR departement?
  18. 18 What do you think makes Barry Callebaut an employer of choice ?

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