Audio Chat - Americas

  • Maggie Simizon - Graduate Trainee in Supply Chain
  • Pieter Cool - Director Supply Chain Americas / Mentor and ex-graduate trainee
  • Florence Zimmermann - Graduate Trainee Program Manager

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Could you describe the Graduate Trainee Program?
  3. 3 What is the recruitment process ?
  4. 4 Pieter and Maggie, can you tell us more about your experience as Graduate Trainees?
  5. 5 What are the performance expectation's for graduate trainees?
  6. 6 my question is to Ms Simizon can you please tell what kind of projects you are working in shortly
  7. 7 What is the work atmosphere in Barry Callebaut factories and, more specifically, within the Operations & Supply Chain departments?
  8. 8 What type of career path and evolution can I expect within Barry Callebaut after the program?
  9. 9 What were your backgrounds (academic etc.) going into the program and is it advisable to join the program right after obtaining a bachelor's?
  10. 10 Could you please give an overview of the rotations for the Operations and Supply Chain tracks? Are there different requirements?
  11. 11 Could you please give us some advices in order to be a successful candidate during the interview?
  12. 12 Mr.Peter How many divisions are there in Supply Chain department and what are the names of.
  13. 13 How do you plan to engage your stakeholders (employees, farmers, consumers) with "forever chocolate" sustainability program?
  14. 14 Do you have team building activities?
  15. 15 Maggie, have you had support from Barry Callebaut when you travel for your rotations?
  16. 16 What is the ERP system you use at Barry Callebaut? What level of automation has been acieved at Barry Callebaut?
  17. 17 What do you like most about working @ Barry Callebaut?

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