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  • Victoria Gazzo, Global Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Sridevi Schaub, Global Talent Management partner
  • Rashi Sinha, Coordinator Europe & Corporate Accounts
  • Paul-Antoine Hourticq, Graduate - Sustainability

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What was the best part of the Graduate Program?
  3. 3 What are you looking for in the ideal Graduate profile at BC and how do I manage to make my application stand out?
  4. 4 What is it like to work at BC?
  5. 5 How would you define the ideal employee of Barry Callebaut? What are the characteristics, values and drive that all of them have in common?
  6. 6 How does “Forever Chocolate” impact the lives of half a million farmers, help in eradicating child labour and contribute to the environment? Especially, how will Barry Callebaut materialise this dream by 2025?
  7. 7 What level of support will I receive during the Graduate Program?
  8. 8 Does Barry Callebaut assume responsibility to inspire other organisations to follow its footprints?
  9. 9 Am I guaranteed a full time position after the Graduate Program / What happens after the two years programme ?
  10. 10 What are the different steps in the interview process? How does the timeline look like?
  11. 11 I would like to know the prospects for growth and advancement within Barry Callebaut .
  12. 12 As a graduate at BC, what would a typical day look like?
  13. 13 How long would it take for me to start leading projects and what is the criteria for leading a project?
  14. 14 What are the career mobilities at Barry Callebaut?
  15. 15 Is there an age limit for this program?
  16. 16 What do you like most about working at Barry Callebaut?

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