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  • Victoria Gazzo, Global Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Sridevi Schaub, Global Talent Management partner
  • Rashi Sinha, Coordinator Europe & Corporate Accounts
  • Paul-Antoine Hourticq, Graduate - Sustainability

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What defines the ideal candidate for the graduate program? How do I know I have what it takes?
  3. 3 Is the minimum of 2 year of experience preferable or mandatory? Do "internships" count as recognized experience to be elligible for the Graduate Program?
  4. 4 What are the employment opportunities with BC after successfully finishing the graduate program?
  5. 5 Hello, my question is withregards to your market expansion. Is it there a key interest in recruiting people for this purpose?
  6. 6 Are candidates with undergraduate degree illegible
  7. 7 What are some of the major challenges in achieving sustainability target especially in an highly fragmented supply chain consisting of many smallholder farmers and from diverse geography?
  8. 8 What are the challenges that you faced during the programme?
  9. 9 What countries are we looking at for international exposure?
  10. 10 Can you apply for more than one program?
  11. 11 What kind of positions are the graduates in after the end of the program? Both straight after it, and what about 5 years later?
  12. 12 How is the work culture at BC?
  13. 13 Can you describe the diversity inside the company?
  14. 14 What is the process to be assigned to a new assignment ?
  15. 15 Will candidates without work experience be considered ?
  16. 16 During the program, will the graduates get to work in the different departments or only specific in the position they applied for?
  17. 17 After applying online for the role, by when can we expect a feedback to our application?
  18. 18 What can a candidate expect from the online assessment taking place in April/May? What is it about?
  19. 19 How intensive is the graduate programme? Is is more like school or is it more like on the job training?
  20. 20 Is there an open culture during the program where you meet people from all different levels in the company or do you work mostly with other people who do the graduate program?

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