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  2. Your CV will be available for searching and viewing by the Careers International team. The team may deem it appropriate to make this information available to recruiters. The application form provides a section giving you the choice to keep your CV confidential from specific recruiters. Careers International will adhere to this.
  3. When you apply through the Careers International application form, your data is protected by a password, known only to yourself. No person other than yourself can amend this data. We rely on you to keep your contact details and CV up to date. Careers International will contact you from time to time to ask you to do this.
  4. Your contact details will only be released to employers without your consent when you are participating in a Forum. In all other cases Careers International will contact you directly in order to obtain your consent.
  5. Information/data of candidates will be kept by the Careers International until you wish to delete your information from our database. This means that we will continue to supply you with information about and surrounding your future employment.
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  7. You will only be contacted by other third parties in conjunction with Careers International. You will not receive information that is not in clear partnership with Careers International and does not have relevance to you as a career seeker.
  8. Careers International applies equal opportunities philosophy to our selection policy. There is no discrimination by this company against any candidates on the grounds of gender, marital status, age, race, religion, colour, nationality, physical or mental disability, and pregnancy.
  9. Should Careers International wish to amend its privacy provisions, this section will be updated.


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