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  • Deepti Prasad, Multi Channel Director
  • Alexander Jaross, Telesales Manager 

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 How would you describe the typical working day for Boston Scientific Telesales Representatives?
  3. 3 How does the company motivate people in sales department to be better and get better results?
  4. 4 How can you describe the company culture? Is it different in each of the locations?
  5. 5 Why did you choose to work for Boston Scientific?
  6. 6 and i understand that this role reflect the most important value of the company: the innovation. What does it mean to be an innovative telesales manager?
  7. 7 What is the most challeging in being a Telesales Representative?
  8. 8 Do we sell every product line?
  9. 9 What is the typical career path for someone in this role?
  10. 10 How serious is Boston Scientific’s commitment to telesales as a long term strategy?
  11. 11 What is your company's customer or client service philosophy?
  12. 12 Will I have to travel locally and abroad?
  13. 13 Could you please let me know something about your telesales team? For example what about your team
  14. 14 What metrics do you use to measure success in the telesales department ?
  15. 15 What is the average time for a sales cycle?
  16. 16 What is the selection process like? Do you have any advice to succeed?
  17. 17 What goals does the Company set on the Italian Medical Devices Field?
  18. 18 How do we interface with the field commercial?
  19. 19 what are the best competences required for this role?
  20. 20 When are the successful candidates expected to start?
  21. 21 What are the main steps of evolving to a fully operational Multi Channel approach?
  22. 22 Are there any moments during your workday in which you feel proud to work for BS?

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