About the Technical Centre in Rome

The Live Event is now over. The online presentations and the recorded version of the chats are still available for viewing here!

A closer look at the physical location: our European R&D organisation in Italy!

TCE plays a leading role in materials research, tyre design, the prototype development and manufacture, and all forms of testing. Our TCE team of engineers, chemists, technicians and support personnel have 3 main roles within a total complex of 32 hectares, approximately 17,000 m2 of covered floor space house a self-sufficient range of design and development facilities:

1) Design and development of tyres for passenger, commercial van, truck, bus and agricultural vehicles, to meet European customer requirements;


Technical Center Europe (TCE)

2) Process and equipment design for our Bridgestone manufacturing plants in Europe;

3) Implementation of quality systems to meet ISO-9000, QS-9000 and ISO-14000 requirements.

In addition to its technical capacity and staff, TCE also accommodates various corporate functions such as Corporate Quality and Corporate Procurement, who are acting as key liaison between Rome, our other EMEA locations and the Bridgestone Corporation in Japan.

European Proving Ground (EUPG)

Bridgestone inaugurated its advanced European Proving Ground at Aprilia, 30 km South from Bridgestone’s Technical Centre Europe (TCE) near Rome, in June 2004.

Our commitment to the current and future needs of our European customers is demonstrated in our investments in our state of the art proving ground in Italy and Sweden. In Italy, new-generation tyres for passenger cars, commercial vans, trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles and motorcycles are tested on this ultimate Proving Ground. Its initial construction was part of a major and still ongoing Bridgestone Europe investment plan to support and expand our business in Europe. In Sweden, we are developing products specifically targeted to our customers’ winter tyre needs.

Bridgestone’s European Training Centre

Bridgestone has inaugurated its European Education Centre (EUEC) in May 2005. EUEC provides technical training to both employees as well as external stakeholders. At the Centre, we convey Bridgestone’s know-how and expertise through technical and commercial trainings as well as visits and events.
As the training centre is co-located with our European Proving Ground, it provides an end to end learning experience - combining both theoretical classroom training with practical workshops on tyre mounting/dismounting and wheel diagnosis, and a real test-drive of our products in a safe test environment.