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Two DHL Consultants answer the most burning questions about projects and cultural life at DHL Consulting. You will also learn more about the event in June.


  • Anastasia Musorina, Project Manager
  • Rebecca Hoffmann, Senior Consultant

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Can you describe a recent project you have worked on and what are the challenges you were facing?
  3. 3 Do you search exclusively for professionals with an IT background?
  4. 4 What is the process of acquiring new projects, in or outside the Group?
  5. 5 How important is the knowledge of the German language to get the job?
  6. 6 Do you offer continuing education or professional training?
  7. 7 What is the typical career path for a DHL Consultant?
  8. 8 Please provide a brief description of what the recruitment process would look like (also for candidates based outside Germany).
  9. 9 What are the main types of IT engagements that DHL Consulting is involved with?
  10. 10 Could you say a few words about the projects of DHL Consulting that are or will be most impacted by the digital revolution?
  11. 11 Do you work Mondays-Thursdays at the client sites and Fridays in home offices or in Bonn?
  12. 12 Are there chances of getting relocated to locations outside Germany too?
  13. 13 How easy is it to move across different business divisions and functional divisions?
  14. 14 What do you like most about working at DHL Consulting?
  15. 15 Can you tell us more about the upcoming event in Phantasialand? Why should I join the upcoming event?

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