About us

The EIB is the European Union's bank.
We are the only bank owned by and representing the interests of the European Union Member States. We work closely with other EU institutions to implement EU policy.

Our expertise is based on more than 50 years' experience and the specialised knowledge of over 3,300 staff.

A major player

We are the largest multilateral borrower and lender by volume, we provide finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects which contribute to furthering EU policy objectives.

More than 90% of our activity is focused on Europe but we also support the EU's external and development policies.

Our extensive lending, blending and advisory capacities are at the service of all EU citizens, as well as citizens in many non-EU countries.


Our priorities

We support projects that make a significant contribution to growth and employment in Europe. As part of our counter-cyclical approach, our activities focus on four priority areas: innovation and skills, access to finance for smaller businesses, environment and climate, infrastructure.

We raise the bulk of our lending resources on the international capital markets through bond issues. Our excellent rating allows us to borrow at advantageous rates and to offer good terms to our clients.


What makes the EIB different?

All the projects we finance must not only be bankable but also comply with strict economic, technical, environmental and social standards. Our corps of 300 engineers and economists screens every project, before, during and after we lend. We work hard to be accountable to EU citizens.

Why work for the EIB?

For many of us the greatest reward is to contribute to the development of the EU and beyond. By joining the EIB you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects fostering Europe's growth.

Based in Luxembourg, with a network of local and regional offices in Europe and beyond, we offer a pleasant and interesting work environment where people can achieve their professional goals, while maintaining work-life balance with also excellent professional development opportunities through training, internal mobility and merit-based career growth.

“Good for people – Good for Business”

We promote and value diversity and inclusion of qualified and experienced staff and believe that a blend of genders, ages, nationalities, skin colours, cultural and professional backgrounds and a wide range of experiences are essential to the success and development of the Bank and reflect Europe itself.

We believe that diversity is good for our people and our business. As the Bank of the European Union, we are committed to EU objectives and values.

To further our diversity efforts, we particularly encourage women and candidates with disabilities, who are nationals of the EU Member States, to apply.