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  • Bogdan Olaru, Head of Admin Suite Unit
  • Kanha Pou, Senior IT Project Manager
  • Christine Ryan, IT Programme Management Officer

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 How is the knowledge exchange between the IT team and the rest of EIB?
  3. 3 Can you describe the usual development cycle of a project from definition to launch (methodology, usual stakeholders, approval process, documentation, etc.)?
  4. 4 What are the broader business strategic goals of EIB that your IT projects support?
  5. 5 Can you tell us about recent/innovative technologies that have made an impact within EIB?
  6. 6 From the presentation in the very beginning you have described that an IT PM would be involved in driving internal as well as external projects within EIB? Can you give short examples of an internal and external type of projects?
  7. 7 What does the selection process look like?
  8. 8 What does EIB do to integrate new employees?
  9. 9 During the presentation you talked about the partnership between IT and the business. Taking into consideration that they are usualy treated as separate entities how do you ensure the successful partnership between them?
  10. 10 How long does it take between an idea generation and project implementation?
  11. 11 Do you experience a clear difference in working in the new working environment compared to the old one?
  12. 12 In EIB do you combine the PM2 and Agile in your projects?
  13. 13 What is a recent successful project that either of you worked on? What was the winning strategy?
  14. 14 In the EIB, is the PM also responsible to manage the budget and for leading maintenance/support of the service?
  15. 15 What are the most challenging issues in EIB IT now? How do you solve them?
  16. 16 What makes EIB a great place to work?

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