AfterWork: 23 October 2018 - Vilnius

Special Event for Talented Risk Professionals


The European Investment Bank is pleased to invite you to an Afterwork event to share how our Risk Professionals make a difference in Europe and beyond.

Join us on Tuesday the 23 October in Vilnius to interact directly with our specialists and learn more about opportunities at the EIB, the EU bank.

Risk Management at the EIB

The Risk Management Directorate (RM) is an independent Directorate of the Bank tasked with defining and implementing risk policies that enable the Bank’s business objectives to be met within a prudential framework that fulfils best practice. This is an essential part of the EIB’s task force.

Risk Professionals work closely on a day-to-day basis with front-line colleagues in the areas lending, funding and treasury operations to identify the structures, terms and conditions that best meet the prudential needs of the Bank. They are experts in providing in-depth analysis of the counterparts and exposures faced by the Bank, build and apply quantitative and qualitative methods to price and monitor the full range of risks to which the Bank is exposed and continuously review and update processes to reflect regulatory developments relevant for the Bank.

RM’s key outputs include independent opinions on new operations and pro-active reporting to the Bank’s governing bodies of the aggregate risks and threats faced by the Institution. 

Event Programme - 23 October 2018 - Vilnius

17.30 - 18:00: Registration - Welcoming Drinks 

18:00 - 18.15: Introduction to the EIB activities

18:15 - 18.45: Who we are and what we do

18:45 - 19.15: Our challenges

19:15 - 20.30: Networking