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  • Martin Berg – Investment Officer in the Equity, New Products and Special Transactions Department, Infrastructure Funds and Climate Action Division, Environmental and Climate Finance Policy unit
  • Victoria Kyritsi – Banker/Loan Officer in the Central and South Eastern Europe Department, Private Local Banks and Private Corporates Division
  • Maciej Czura – Banker/Loan Officer in the Neighbouring Countries Department, Banks Division

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 To Mr. Martin Berg: What is the best recommendation and tips you can give to young, competent and multinational professionals to be successful when applying to such an innovating and dynamic area as yours?
  3. 3 Question to Victoria Kyritsi: Could you kindly give us some examples of loan transactions executed in the Banks Division?
  4. 4 How has the EIB changed over the last 5 years and what is the Bank's strategy for the next 5-10 years?
  5. 5 In what way could experienced profiles from the private sector be beneficial for your department, i.e. what are the qualities / skills that you would assess as important?
  6. 6 In your daily routines, do you work with programs like JESSICA OR JASPERS?
  7. 7 Who might be the EIB client? Is there any specific sector or type of client?
  8. 8 How is the EIB generally organised, hierarchy, department, links with other government organisation and private sectors (services, financing)? I.e. in Big 4 we have the classical hierarchy Junior/Senior/PDM for all department, is it the same at the EIB?
  9. 9 What was your the most interesting project?
  10. 10 Question to Martin Berg: In your opinion how different is a career in a private investment bank and an institutional bank like the EIB?
  11. 11 To Martin Berg: Where do you see main challenges from an environmental point of view for the next future? In light of those challenges , which are in your opinion the best investment opportunities for institutional investors?
  12. 12 Could you please give a brief summary of your day-to-day contacts with the other departments in Lux but also in other countries, the frequency of the business trips, the contacts with external organisations…?
  13. 13 What would you say has made you successful in your career at EIB?

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