(Junior) Project Manager


Put to the test - right from day one! As an ECON Project Manager, you will take on responsibility for important Group projects and an international team – making a lasting contribution to the success of our company. 


Your tasks:

  • You will analyze the complex issues facing the energy sector and those specific to our company and develop corresponding strategic and operational solution approaches
  • Working hand-in-hand with the ECON management team, you will take our projects forward, provide operational leadership and ensure we achieve excellent results and high customer satisfaction levels
  • You will work closely with customer project leaders and managers, bearing responsibility for quality of content and ensuring that the most important milestones are reached
  • You will take on management responsibility, lead an international team and push the personal and professional development of your team members through regular feedback and coaching sessions
  • As a mentor, you will be responsible for supporting and furthering the careers of several consultants
  • You will structure and design our most important presentations and present your results to the senior management team and directors of the E.ON Group
  • As a member of the ECON Senior Team, you will make a lasting contribution to ECON's further development, incl. taking on a number of internal tasks (e.g. marketing, recruiting, training)


Your profile:

  • You have a top-grade master's degree in your pocket – we also welcome additional qualifications, such as a doctorate or MBA
  • You have already gained at least five years' relevant work experience at one of the leading top management consulting firms and get a buzz from energy sector topics
  • Outstanding analytical competence coupled with strong process and problem-solving skills put you apart from the rest
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset, are prepared to take risks and have a talent for creative and innovative thinking
  • Even in challenging situations, you inspire your customers through your superior conduct and target-oriented communication approach
  • Your ability to motivate your team to become top performers and push their continued development round off your profile

What we offer

  • A steep learning curve through a wide range of tasks and demanding strategic and operational projects
  • An extremely diversified career offering numerous opportunities for individual development in a management role within the E.ON Group
  • Targeted project assignments allow you to further your expertise and build your personal career network within ECON and the E.ON Group
  • A healthy work-life balance alongside an outstanding team spirit marked by internationality, heterogeneity and a high fun factor