Audio Q&A


  • Dr. Juan Bernabe Moreno, Head of Advanced Analytics and Data Lab

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 How long does the Data Lab exist in both locations and how is the existing workforce?
  3. 3 What kind of data analytics problems do the data lab work on? What techniques are are usually employed? Are new methods like topological data analysis or deep learning considered?
  4. 4 What are the key values and features, “common denominators” that all of you share in your daily activities? What makes this team successful as a group? What are the requirements, indicators that the group is evaluated by?
  5. 5 Can you please share an example of a project you have done as part of E.ON?
  6. 6 Which methods and processes are commonly used to run innovation projects? (i.e. Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum, Six Sigma, Lean Management etc.)
  7. 7 What percentage of new developments come from top-down? Is there any room for utilizing bottom up (internal) innovation ideas? Is there a KPI to utilize the existing start-up ecosystem?
  8. 8 Do you have a big data and advanced analytics strategy? If not, are you working on one?
  9. 9 What is your vision in the advanced analytics domain for the next 5-10 years?
  10. 10 What is unique to E.ON's datasets that makes it challenging to clean, pre-process and verify data integrity?
  11. 11 What role did Dr. Moreno’s analytics team play in the recent partnerships (EasyPark in Denmark, Sunroof tool / Google)? Is the analytics team actively engaged with the business team for these partnerships / decision making?
  12. 12 Do you reach out to universities or research institutes for collaboration?
  13. 13 Is Advanced Analytics and Data Lab a profit center or cost center? And how does it roll up in the overall organization?
  14. 14 For the Data Scientist position, how important is to have the concrete skills on the softwares you ask for in comparison with the experience already gained in data management projects?
  15. 15 Which technologies and business models is E.ON Future Lab most interested in, to help tackle those challenges?
  16. 16 Does the Future Lab work like a startup or like an energy venture capital?
  17. 17 To what extent are artificial intelligence and blockchain already part of the daily work/transformed into business opportunities?
  18. 18 What does your typcical work day look like?
  19. 19 Are you open to candidates from outside Germany? If so, do you help with the integration?
  20. 20 What are the key skills necessary to be succesful at E.ON?
  21. 21 What do you like most about working here?

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