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Our Values

We employ over 3,800 people across the globe that represent 89 nationalities, of which 50% are women. We are deeply convinced that diversity of talents, backgrounds and opinions is a key to success, by fostering engagement, energy and innovation. Over and above our personal contributions, we are committed to the end result and take the initiative to do what is needed. We do what we say.

We are one of the first companies in our industry to be certified carbon neutral.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program covers a wide range of initiatives. We fund-match a significant proportion of our employees fund-raising effort. We support the Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise initiative in Europe, as well as the charity Build Africa to improve life of community in rural Africa. We also encourage our employees to volunteer their time with local schools through JAYE’s program, or to travel to Uganda and help building a school, for example.


For more than 60 years, we have worked in partnership with the biggest names in Finance and Banking. We are a highly regulated and financially strong part of the capital market infrastructure.

Our business is to increase efficiency and reduce risks during the transactions processing. We provide our clients with pre-eminent flexible post-trade services. Euroclear connect over 2,000 financial market participants across the globe, offering settlement, safekeeping and servicing of domestic and cross-border securities, from bonds, equities and derivatives to investment funds.

Our business

To make it simpler: we are a bank for banks, and we provide an infrastructure allowing to reduce risks and increase efficiency on the processing of their financial transactions.

We make IT easy


At Euroclear, we develop complex algorithms to make the life of our clients more simple.

IT is at the core of our mission.

Together with our providers, we are more than 1500 IT professionals developing and maintaining a highly complex technical and functional infrastructure.

As we process high volumes of instructions in an automated way, our system needs to comply with high performing requirements. It needs to be highly resilient and secure.

We praise out of the box thinking and encourage innovation. We closely follow technology evolution, and adopt leading edge solutions which allow us to meet our challenging objectives.

We do not do technology for the sake of technology, we understand the needs of our clients and are proud to contribute to more efficient financial markets.

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Our offices


Don't let a lack of expertise hold you back!

Passion to keep IT simple is what we look for.

We will develop your IT talent as from your first days with us.

And we will ensure that you stay attuned all along your career!

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