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  • Alain Dugois, Business Solution Designer
  • Vincent Radermecker, Application Designer
  • Bruno Larva, Production, Integration Distributed
  • Mehdi Baccouche, Talent Acquisition & Internal Mobility

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Can you please describe your ideal candidate for this position?
  3. 3 Do you select people from specific countries or it is open for any nationality?
  4. 4 Vincent, could you please describe in more details what your team is doing at Euroclear?
  5. 5 How long is the training program and what are some of the main challenges doing IT at Euroclear?
  6. 6 What does a typical day of a Junior Analyst look like?
  7. 7 How is it like working at Euroclear? As someone who likes working both in a team and also alone, is this the case with working as an IT specialist at Euroclear?
  8. 8 I understand from Euroclear business orientation that new technologies are often opted. How does Euroclear ensure that changes have a smooth transition?
  9. 9 What is a possible career path at Euroclear?
  10. 10 Can you describe a typical project from start to end at Euroclear ADM?
  11. 11 How do the jobs, which you offer for graduates, differ from each other?
  12. 12 What are the language requirements for the graduate program?
  13. 13 Where are the jobs based?
  14. 14 on what basis are the candidates allocated to different teams in ADM after training?
  15. 15 Can I expect mentor ship during the graduate program? How would that look like?
  16. 16 What is the selection procedure followed for ADM jobs
  17. 17 How come you are (still) using Mainframe?
  18. 18 What do you like most about working at Euroclear?

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