About us

We help you to be more successful by making it easier for you to settle domestic and cross-border securities transactions and safekeep your investments. We also help you manage the risks and exposures arising from your transactions.

The assets we hold for you are valued at €28 trillion. The total value of securities transactions settled for you by the Euroclear group is over €634 trillion per annum. Our multi-lingual, highly trained team of professionals based in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas are committed to providing personalised support.


Our business

Increase efficiency and reduce risks with our flexible post-trade services. We are a highly regulated and financially strong part of the capital market infrastructure.

Our clients

Find out more about who our clients are and how you can benefit from our wide range of reliable post-trade services.

Our history

Euroclear has a long history of simplifying post-trade processes and making global investing easier.

Our structure

Our corporate structure ensures that we give the very highest priority to the interests of our clients.

Our mission and values

Our company mission and values serve as a compass as we navigate through market challenges to deliver a ‘post-trade made easy’ environment for you.

Our rules

Key documents that govern your relationship with us, including our terms and conditions, rules and operating procedures.


Our Corporate values are encapsulated in the word REACH, which stands for, Respect, Effective, Accountable, Client First, and Helpful. REACH embodies our aim to exceed expectations, to take advantage of new opportunities and to reach out to help our clients achieve success.