Video chat

  • Eleftheria Amilitou

Principal Project Manager

Directorate General Information Systems

Analytical Domain Applications Division

  • Markus Heinrich Trzeciok

IT Project Manager

Directorate General Information Systems

Enterprise Systems Division 

  • Jeremias Iglesias

Principal IT Expert

Directorate General Information Systems

Governance & Business Relations Division

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 To all of you, can you please explain your background and why did you join ECB?
  3. 3 Can you give an insight into the infrastructure of your IT Team in Frankfurt?
  4. 4 What kind of projects do ECB IT team work in?
  5. 5 What is the work atmosphere within the IT team experts? Can you describe your company culture?
  6. 6 Are you already or planning to apply AI in your IT projects?
  7. 7 How many data scientist are they in ECB ? What kind of data science or statistics projects do you work ?
  8. 8 What IT project management methodology do you usually use? (Agile Scrum, PUMA...)
  9. 9 How fast is your data intelligence division growing?
  10. 10 can you go into more depth about this Data project? where is it for? who is going to use it? Why Big Data? What kind of data are we talking about? Finance? Transfers??
  11. 11 How do you take language as a challenge for non-german speakers in European Central Bank?
  12. 12 Are you responsible for building new security solutions for users in ECB?
  13. 13 On the topic of blockchain, how does ECB compare to the smaller born digital companies? Do you keep up? What do you do in the area?
  14. 14 What are the learning opportunities for a (junior) employee in the ECB?
  15. 15 How is the knowledge exchange between the IT team and the rest of ECB?
  16. 16 Eleftheria and Markus, Can you please describe one of your most recent project you have been working on?
  17. 17 Are all IT positions based in Frankfourt or the whole europe ?
  18. 18 How do you experience living and working in Frankfurt?
  19. 19 Jeremias, as Principal IT how do you see the main trends for the IT team within ECB?
  20. 20 What do you like most about working at ECB?

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