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  • Inge Van der Meeren, Chemicals Supply Chain Manager
  • Dick Oomen, Antwerp Meerhout Polymer Site Manager
  • Ann Cuypers, HR Manager Benelux

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What is the future of EM considering alternative options for oil & gas ?
  3. 3 For which positions are you typically recruiting ?
  4. 4 What skills and competencies are you looking for ?
  5. 5 How does the recruitment process look like ?
  6. 6 subsequently, will there be opportunities for work involving travelling or changing locations?
  7. 7 What are the language requirements for your positions in Netherlands and Belgium?
  8. 8 For this particular job posting, what does the career path or progress look like?
  9. 9 Could you give more details about the use of CO2 in fuelcells to produce energy (mentioned in the video)?
  10. 10 Is there any kind of internal training plan for junior engineers in addition to the daily job ?
  11. 11 Any consideration for international applicants?
  12. 12 Can you please tell us what the company culture is like?
  13. 13 For the process/contact engineering position. What would be - looking back at your own experience - the most challenging and driving aspect of the job? Would you also be able to indicate "less" challenging/interesting, though essential aspects within this role?
  14. 14 Why did you decide to join ExxonMobil? Why are you happy working there?

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