Supply Chain Engineer Jobs

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ExxonMobil Corporation is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, best known in the Benelux for its Esso and Mobil brands. With activities in nearly all countries around the world, ExxonMobil prides itself on its commitment to meeting the world’s growing demand for energy in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. The company strives towards operational excellence with an expert talented and diverse workforce, strong financial resources and cutting edge technology. Our customers are both global and local ranging from major chemical companies to the thousands of customers a day who visit our Benelux service stations.



Most of the Supply Chain positions are based in our Brussels Campus in Machelen. Some positions will be offered at the Rotterdam Refinery in the Netherlands. 


Job description

Chemicals Supply Chain jobs fall into 2 main categories:

  • Sales & Operations Planning roles deal with the areas of reconciling sales forecast with production and then managing inventories to maintain agreed service levels
  • Logistics & Distribution positions manage our logistics service providers (warehouses, trucking companies, shipping lines), stewarding them to ensure that they meet our safety, security, environmental and other requirements as well as working with procurement on contracting strategies.


The tasks are generally split by product type (solids such as polymers or liquids such as solvents). These positions provide a great opportunity to work cross-functionally and learn about ExxonMobil and also are connected to the outside world of suppliers and customers.


Career perspective

We hire people for a long-term career. After an initial assignment in Supply chain, you might have the opportunity to rotate within the discipline (e.g. from Planning to Logistics) or depending on personal skills, interests and organizational needs, move to other roles within the company. Such roles may include financial planning, manufacturing, technology, marketing or product management and sales. You may be exposed to the different Chemicals, Downstream and Upstream businesses of ExxonMobil. Career development for strong performers can include international assignments in Europe and elsewhere. A first international assignment could come after a few rotations within the Benelux.



Typical Supply chain candidates would have a first degree in an engineering or scientific discipline with interest/experience in applying this knowledge in commercial situations. Candidates should be interested in industrial problem solving, have strong analytical skills and commercial acumen. They should be able to flexibly deal with changing priorities as well as be able to negotiate the best solution for all parties involved.

As language requirements, fluency in English is required; and command of Dutch or French.

Our people are analytical, result-oriented and focused on getting the best out of their teams. They thrive in our company culture: open, with an international mindset and down to earth. Our hands-on approach, job rotation system, regular training and long-term focus enable our people to learn and develop their talents continuously. The acquired skills and knowledge will help them to become our future generation of managers or technical specialists.


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