We are GAIA Insights

Changing the world one leader at a time


GAIA Insights was established in 2012 and has since grown into a unique network of facilitators, coaches and partners, each one of them an expert in their respective field. By now we are a small, yet truly global organization, disrupting traditional corporate leadership development to make an impact in the world.

Think of our partners as musicians in an orchestra. Each instrument makes beautiful music when played alone but when you put them all together, that is when the magic happens. GAIA Insights is the conductor, creating highly customized leadership journeys with curated content, composed for a personalized learner experience.


At GAIA Insights, we...


  pioneer new ways of leadership development
  are a boutique firm for customized premium solutions
  target clients who are large multinationals worldwide
  are known for professionalism and excellence
  work globally with a diverse team

The GAIA Insights team is currently expanding.
Watch our Q&A session with Martina Mangelsdorf,
Founder & Managing Director, to learn more!