About us

About us

We don't believe in good. Or good enough. We don’t believe in the short-term or taking short-cuts. We don’t believe in putting business before people. Or anything before quality. We believe in great. Although we don’t believe we’re quite there yet. We believe in the importance of location and sustained growth and doing it right the first time. We believe in having integrity, always. We believe that knowledge is everything and perfection is in the details. That it is the little things that add up to make the biggest difference. That’s why there’s a plus in our logo. It’s a reminder to keep going above and beyond for our customers, our partners and our staff. To be the best, we believe, relies on every single one of us working together. To this end, we believe we can be better than good. We believe we can be great.


Global span, local knowledge

At Goodman, we develop and invest in warehouses and distribution centres in prime locations around the globe for customers such as Amazon, Zalando, DHL, BMW and Carrefour. We are quite successful in doing so; with our Continental European organisation, we have been awarded Top Real Estate Developer in Europe for many years. As an international team, we explore markets, possibilities and scenarios and will not settle for less than the best possible solution when it comes to logistic real estate.

Join us on this exploration now.

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