Graduate – Explore Program

Graduate Explore program

1 year – 3 assignments – different countries – different departments

The Explore Program is specifically designed for graduates and young professionals to learn all about our company, culture, market, the way we work and how we achieve greatness by working together in a fast-paced environment. 

Above all, you will develop a strong general knowledge and awareness of all markets we operate in and general market conditions in each country. You will learn where your strengths lie and before you know it, you will be taking ownership and have responsibilities beyond what you can imagine today – a true explorer. 


Goodman Continental Europe

We’re comprised of 200 employees across Continental Europe, so you will get to know your colleagues and different departments in a short amount of time. All of them will be there for you and support you to take initiative, ownership and get noticed.

Dive into stimulating projects that require collaboration with sharp-minded experts, who are open to give you insight into their domain. Not only will you learn quickly, but you will also be encouraged to transfer you newly acquired knowledge onto real-life projects. You will have visibility and exposure to all possible stakeholders in and outside the company – meetings with and presentations for senior management are no exception to the rule.


Your profile?

  • What we do requires analytical skills, hence our preference for a University degree (commercial or civil engineering, economics or related field), possibly with an additional business degree.
  • English is our business language, so we expect you to be fluent in speaking and writing.
  • Real estate is a locally driven market. Near native knowledge of the local language is a necessity.
  • Change is the only constant. Don’t ask us where you will be in two years’ time. We don’t know – but we can guarantee you it will have been fun. That’s why an open mindset and eagerness to learn are indispensable for every Goodman employee.


Selection process

If you match the skill-set we are looking for the first stage of the selection process is a first  telephone interview, followed by an online aptitude tests. This will give us a more detailed insight into your skills, goals and motivations.

Impress us at this stage and you will be invited for an interview on technical skills and an interview on cultural fit.

Should your background, personality and ambition fit our needs, culture and opportunities, then we will be very happy to make you an offer.