1. How does an online event work?

Register and upload your CV/résumé. During the live day of the Online Event you can watch and/or listen to presentations, chat with company representatives, learn more about the company and apply to open positions - all from any computer, wherever you are.

2. I am not available on the day of the Online Event. Can I still register and apply for jobs?

Yes, of course. The day of the Online Event is the day with real-time interaction between you and the company representatives, however, after the Online Event you will still be able to watch and/or listen to all the presentations and to apply to open positions for an average of 2 weeks after.

3. What happens with my personal data?

When registering for an Online Event, you are entering your personal data into the Careers International database. The only company who will have access to your CV will be the one organising the Online Event you registered for. We will not release your personal information to any external party without your permission. You will only receive emails from Careers International, informing you of other opportunities for which you may wish to apply. If you want your data to be removed from the Careers International database, please contact us