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  • Felix MoggeSenior Partner Automotive at Roland Berger Munich
  • Matthieu SimonPrincipal Automotive at Roland Berger Paris

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 How has the automotive consulting sector changed over the last years and will change in the future?
  3. 3 What kind of role do experienced hires play in the automotive consulting sector today?
  4. 4 How will vehicle electrification change the automotive value chain and especially the value caption?
  5. 5 Wich skills and Personalien are needed to fit in and be succesfull?
  6. 6 How can I imagine my very first day at Roland Berger?
  7. 7 For challenges in EV, do companies need to invest in new technologies for better products, or to evolve towards new business models like car-sharing, renting, Public Private Partnerships, etc?
  8. 8 In the presentation it was said that some teams for a project are set together from members out of various offices around the world - how is decided who gets into what project?
  9. 9 What is the biggest challenge for autonomous vehicles: regulation, technology or broad acceptance by customers?
  10. 10 On which function/area of an automotive company you see most of the 'digitalization disruption'?
  11. 11 Could you please throw some light on the unique "Mentoring Model" of Roland Berger, as mentioned during the presentation?
  12. 12 Do you see an evolution towards demand of functional expertise from clients over the past few years? ex: from New market entry to operational excellence or restructuring?
  13. 13 What was your most fascinating or remarkable project?
  14. 14 What was your biggest challenge when you started at Roland Berger?
  15. 15 Are there exchanges between competence centers at Rolland Berger ? Is it customary to use expertise from other consultants/areas of experties like Aerospace of Energy for instance ?
  16. 16 What does Roland Berger differentiate from the competition?
  17. 17 Why do you personally enjoy working for Roland Berger – what makes you stay with the company?

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