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  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Tell us more about SAP Hybris solutions and how I would contribute as a new joiner.
  3. 3 What is the ideal background and skill-set for each role?
  4. 4 What is the selection process like? Do you have any tips?
  5. 5 You work with Agile methodologies: how does that translate into your daily work environment?
  6. 6 Could you give a concrete example of a recent project and how your team contributed to its success?
  7. 7 How big (team size) and international is your team in Munich?
  8. 8 Technology evolves constantly. How does SAP Hybris encourage/help their employees in staying up to date with the latest techs and releases?
  9. 9 How do you see the future of Hybris over the next 5-10 years? Do you anticipate any challenges?
  10. 10 How collaborative is your work environment? Do you have regular interactions with other departments / branches in other countries?
  11. 11 What type of career development path/opportunities can I expect at SAP Hybris?
  12. 12 What would be the biggest challenge for new joiners?
  13. 13 Can you give us your views on ethics and global concern coverage/enforcement (includes health, private life ...)?
  14. 14 How far are you in the automation process of the infrastructure?
  15. 15 Is there any kind of business objective to reach periodically? How is employee performance evaluated and rewarded?
  16. 16 What makes the SAP Hybris Munich office a great place to work?

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