SWIFT is at the forefront of innovative application of technology within the financial sector. We seek to retain and hire the best minds and thinking to help us fully embrace the exciting potential of new technologies; we are committed to maintaining a market-leading platform and to delivering innovative technological solutions.



As a leading technology company operating in the financial sector, SWIFT has pioneered the application of secure technology, services and standards in the correspondent banking business and was at the forefront of driving the sector’s adoption of digital solutions, such as electronic data interchange and file transfers. Our technologies have disrupted previously manual processes and unlocked efficiencies in the financial system, dramatically reducing friction, costs and operational risks, and we continue to advance by embracing the exciting potential of new technologies, such as open APIs and blockchain.

We continue to refresh and evolve our platform, to ensure it remains as modern, powerful, reliable and feature-rich as our customers now expect; we add innovative new capabilities and functionalities, develop new forms of connectivity, ease service consumption and ensure secure user access. In addition, we constantly renew our product portfolio in response to the needs of our customer community and we foster a culture of innovation in order to bring new offerings to market while preserving a no-risk approach to the maintenance and evolution of our mission-critical core.

In order to deliver products of the highest quality, we apply a rigorous methodology throughout the product development cycle, from initial idea to deployment in the production environment. Major investments are subject to internal reviews, gating procedures, senior management and executive oversight, and, where appropriate, approval by the SWIFT Board. Above all, we continue to invent…not innovating for innovation sake but working, as inventively as possible, to make real world change to benefit customers and employees alike.