About us

We’re building something people use every day. From how you get home from work, to how you eat meals, or how you move huge shipments of absolutely anything, the work we contribute moves the world a few steps forward. And that’s one of the best parts about working here—knowing that the work you do helps shape the future.

And getting to that bright future means solving some of the most difficult problems of the present. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of love, and support from colleagues all over the world. At Uber, we have brought together a world-class collective of problem-solvers. And we all fundamentally understand that tough challenges help us personally grow the most. That’s why we wholeheartedly believe in learning by doing—and that there is no better classroom than real-world experience. Because if it helps you grow, then we all grow. Together.


  • Creative problem-solving: we enjoy working on hard problems together because the hardest challenges are often the most rewarding.
  • Shape the world you want: help improve local economies, make roads safer, and bring opportunities to millions of people around the world.
  • Welcoming for everyone: we want to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the cities we serve.


Improving our culture across the world

Created and operated by employees, our employee resource groups (ERGs) are working on ways to further build and improve our culture across the world.

  • Women of Uber: Uber's community for women, gender non-binary employees, and allies. Our mission is to promote the advancement of women at Uber and beyond by building a global community, accelerating professional development, and partnering across the company to attract & retain top talent.


  • LadyEng: Uber's community for women in engineering. We are dedicated to the advancement of women in engineering. We are focused on both technical and career mentorship, with mentors that range from executives to engineers to peers. With several other employee affinity groups, we are expanding our pipeline for both new grad and senior levels.


Uber Engineering

We’re expanding Uber Engineering across EMEA! We currently have four office locations, each housing teams that are critical to core engineering functions and workflows. Learn more about each site, and the exciting challenges at hand here