Pre-Event Q&A: Top Women Tech

Welcome to our Q&A Platform for Top Women Tech. If you are interested in joining Top Women Tech on the 14 December in Brussels, but still have questions, like:

How does the process work? Which companies will attend? Can you help me with travel costs? What should I wear? What is the programme?

Then this Q&A is for you! If you already have a question submit it in the small chat-box and receive the answer on the 12 October at 11 a.m CEST.

We are looking forward to your questions and to see you at Top Women Tech!

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 How can I prepare for the Summit in the best way possible?
  3. 3 I do not see any jobs matching my profile/requirements on your website. Is it worthwhile for me to attend?
  4. 4 How does the process work?
  5. 5 I see this is an “invitation only” job fair. When will I know if I am among the selected candidates?
  6. 6 Which companies will attend? How many companies will be there?
  7. 7 Who will represent the companies attending the event?
  8. 8 How many representatives will be there per company? Will I meet the HR or also potential colleagues/managers...?
  9. 9 Will I receive the contact information of the company representatives after the Summit?
  10. 10 How many visitors are you expecting?
  11. 11 I saw that travel costs are reimbursed, can you give me some details?
  12. 12 By when will I know if I am selected to attend the Summit?
  13. 13 What would be the deadline to apply?
  14. 14 I will not be available to attend the full day is it still worthwhile to attend?
  15. 15 Can I bring a friend to the Summit?
  16. 16 What will be the follow up after the event?
  17. 17 Is there a way to contact the companies already before the summit?
  18. 18 Is it possible to schedule an interview with specific companies beforehand?
  19. 19 Can you explain how the round tables work?
  20. 20 Will the entire event be in held in English?
  21. 21 Where are the jobs based?
  22. 22 Will you help me arranging my travel?
  23. 23 Once invited, how soon do I need to confirm my participation?
  24. 24 Is there a way to get in touch with the other participants before or after the event?
  25. 25 How many copies of my CV should I bring, if any?
  26. 26 what is the dress code?
  27. 27 If I cannot attend this summit in December, are you organising other summits in 2019?

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