08 December 2017, Brussels

Looking for ways to level up your career?

Top Women Tech is an international invitation-only recruitment summit where 120 female professionals meet 10 leading international employers and discuss outstanding career opportunities.

This exclusive event is the perfect fit for female candidates with 2 to 8 years of professional experience, an academic background in Engineering, IT, Sciences or Mathematics or a Business academic background with a strong affinity for IT.

We are delighted to have BMW Group, the European Investment Bank, SAP and Volkswagen Group as our sponsors. AXA, Bain & Company, the European Central Bank , INGLidl Digital and Procter & Gamble will also join the event.

If you consider yourself a female graduate or professional with high potential,  you will be able to apply as of January  to Top Women Tech taking place on 25 May 2018! Your CV will be carefully screened and if it is outstanding you will be officially invited. 

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Discuss your career

The Summit is a recruitment and networking event. Candidates will get the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the participating companies and network with other highly promising participants.

The purpose of the event is to eventually get a job offer from the leading employers who will be present at the summit.

Some of the jobs are available on the job section of the website. This list is constantly being updated, so we recommend you check frequently. Other jobs are disclosed during the Summit.

In fact, many companies prefer to get to know you and see what you could do for them instead of just offering a standardized job description.

What if you don’t find a job description suitable to your needs? It doesn’t matter: jobs available are just some of the possible vacancies a company may have. The purpose of the summit is to allow companies to get to know you so that they can see if you would be a good fit to their company culture.

What are the topics of the roundtable discussions?

Discussions are going to cover leading projects, new technology, and current business challenges that the largest employers are currently facing. Many companies are looking for an exchange of views on a certain topic or matter relevant to their business.

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