Cyber Security Specialist, Connected Car


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The Volkswagen Group Information Security is the central point in the Volkswagen Group for all topics around Information Security protecting all of Volkswagen’s information assets.

We have different teams to cover all aspects of information security. From plain technology perspective with monitoring the network and applications for anomalies to worldwide assessments of all Volkswagen locations to raise the maturity level of information security.

Services and tools are established to ensure a fast and automated detection, defence, and remediation of security leaks not only covering the office space but also within Shopfloor IT as well as connected cars. We work closely with leading technology partners and many business departments inside Volkswagen.

We want to achieve that our “Leading IT solutions“ have security built in through implementation of “Security by Design“-principles in development and neural (self-learning) protective measures, within state of the art security technology.

That is why we are looking for YOU!


Following are some of your responsibilities:

  Creating and approving Group-wide security concepts for online services in the vehicle and for the corresponding IT backend systems

  Design, implementation and use of a standardised, Group-wide risk assessment process for Car2Car, Car2Backend and Car2Customer solutions

  Information security consultation for Electronics development and IT in a global context regarding communication and data processing between the vehicle, backend and customer

  Recording and evaluating communication relevant to IT security from throughout the Group

  Creating IT security solutions and consulting for Car2Car, Car2Backend, Car2Customer

  Developing concepts for handling the certificates and consulting regarding a PKI for vehicles


You should possess the following qualifications:

•  A completed degree in IT, business Informatics or comparable vocational training

•  Several years of experience in IT security or extensive technical knowledge of IT operations or IT compliance and IT risk management

•  Project management skills

•  Several years of experience in server administration, network planning/operation or software development

•  Extensive knowledge of software vulnerabilities, exploits and malware

•  Advanced skills in MS Office products (Excel, Word, Power Point)

•  High motivation and assertiveness

•  Proactive and independent working style, goal-oriented attitude

•  High on team spirit

•  Flexible enough to travel overseas

•  Strong presentation skills

•  Very good written and spoken English