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Software pioneers wanted!

Do you want to revolutionize tomorrow's mobility and advance societal change? Do you want to explore new paths, work within a dynamic and diversified team, and enter unknown territory? Then have a look at Volkswagen! Join our event and speak to the experts, get an insight into what we are working on, and who knows, you could soon after find yourself part of the pioneering team shaping the future of Volkswagen!


We offer best chances to creative and motivated IT and digital experts to be part of our visionary plans to shape the future of Volkswagen!

Sounds interesting? Well, if you want to get an exclusive insight into Volkswagen Software Development, part of Volkswagen’s cutting-edge Electric/Electronics Development division, then come on over and join us for an exclusive introductory event on 30th of November!


Volkswagen Software Development, as part of the Volkswagen Electric/Electronics Development division, is at the forefront of addressing the challenges of connecting modern car electronics to the digital world outside of the car.

At the heart of Volkswagen’s vehicle Development we are creating an excellence center for software and software platforms. By adapting state-of-the-art software technologies, we tackle the challenges of enabling advanced functions such as highly automated driving and user focused online services, which form the backbone of Volkswagen’s future mobility strategy. Our goal is to create a software platform that will enables continuous, and hardware-agnostic development of future car functionality.

The core idea of the Volkswagen Software Development is to represent a professional form of collaboration optimized for setting new standards for automotive software. This includes basing the culture within our team around a clear project focus. As a software developer, you will work in teams to define, develop, and evolve product software and the Volkswagen software platform (vw.OS) which includes a productive development environment.