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  • Barbara Sichler, Head of Business Development & Product Management @ Data:Lab Munich
  • Ulrich Petri, Head of One Digital Platform Delivery @ Volkswagen Group IT Wolfsburg
  • Rouven HernierSoftware Developer @ Software Development Center Wolfsburg

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Can you give an insight into the infrastructure of your data lab in Munich or Berlin?
  3. 3 What kind of products do Volkswagen Group’s software developers work in?
  4. 4 Are you doing pairprogramming (TDD, BDD, ATDD)?
  5. 5 Can you give more details about Applied AI and NLP at Volkswagen ?
  6. 6 What is the work atmosphere within the Group IT? Can you describe your company culture?
  7. 7 Hi, what kind of products do UX Designers get to work with at Volkswagen Group?
  8. 8 How would you describe Volkswagen Group’s values?
  9. 9 How do you take language as a challenge for non german speakers in vw?
  10. 10 I am currently not living in Germany, are there any relocation supplements?
  11. 11 What career development can I expect when starting at the VW Group?
  12. 12 What efforts makes Volkswagen on the user experience for the next-gen or smart vehicles?
  13. 13 Could you explain a bit about your hiring process?
  14. 14 What kind of deep learning projects are ongoing and if you can name the key frameworks do you use?
  15. 15 How is the knowledge exchange between the teams in different locations?
  16. 16 How you keep development team passionate and innovative in what they are doing, as well productive?
  17. 17 For "On-the-road diagnostics" do you have any plans? and if yes with which tech?
  18. 18 Are you have a IoT strategy and what kind of controls are you using for this ind of Development?
  19. 19 How big are your teams?
  20. 20 How do the UX Designers contribute to the design of connected cars interfaces?
  21. 21 You mentioned that every team owns their services. How do you manage the relations between teams and services?
  22. 22 Do you plan to utilize blockchains in any part of this ODP program ?
  23. 23 Can you explain how agile you are working? Are you using an agile scaling framework (eg Less or SAFe)
  24. 24 Which kind of metrics are we expect to track when in the VW IT design environment?
  25. 25 How do you see the impact of User-Centered Design in the development of digital initiatives within VW in the near future?
  26. 26 how do u evaluate your teams and team member?
  27. 27 Are you using functional prgoramming in your development teams?
  28. 28 Which tools are you using for test automisation?
  29. 29 How much travel is required and to where?
  30. 30 Are you using FMEA in your software development projects?
  31. 31 As u explained in your introduction you have every day standing meetup to all member of teams about 70 people. why? it is a lot of people in meeting and what is the benefits??
  32. 32 To what extend are the software developers centered around components or do they develop end-to-end?
  33. 33 How do you transfer domain knowledge sufficient enough from "Vehicles domain" to enable them to deliver intuitive services, as well deliver innovative solutions?
  34. 34 What do you like most about working at Volkswagen Group IT?

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