Software Developer, NLP/ Applied AI in the Data Lab in Munich

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The Data:Lab is a forward-looking, data-driven innovation hotspot for all brands, markets and business areas of the Volkswagen Group. Our goal is to create added value from data through the use of advanced analytics and machine learning methods. To achieve this we work in agile teams that bear the end-to-end responsibility for their products from innovative proof of concepts to productive solutions. Our research and take team keeps us on the cutting edge of the technical capabilities which we test using real data. In the process, we work closely with leading technology partners, research institutes and start-ups.

The Data:Lab NLP Group develops technologies for machine-based voice processing to create end products and internal solutions along the value chain. All of the NLP areas from automatic speech recognition (ASR) to diagnostic systems (Bots), text mining and searches to cognitive computing/applied AI are covered.

The technologies utilised are selected on the basis of the solution. The Group maintains close contact with leading universities and industrial research groups worldwide.


Following are some of your responsibilities: 


  Working in agile multiproject teams to develop and implement data science solutions focusing on text and all voice technology (search, clustering, topper classification, speech/speech recognition…) along the automotive chain

  Independent creation, documentation, maintenance and ongoing development of products and services for NLP

  Participation in additional training and preparation of such activities

  Adaptation of new technologies and methods to company requirements

  Transferring products and services from project responsibility to operational responsibility


You should possess the following qualifications:

  A completed university degree in a technical field or a comparable qualification (computer linguistics with a minor in information science, information science with a minor in computer linguistics)

  Sound knowledge of linguistic background algorithms and statistical procedures

  Several years of practical experience with implementing NLP projects.

  Proficiency level in an object oriented/functional language Java/Scala as well as Python

  Knowledge of TensorFlow, Pytorch, Chat-Script, Cortana, AIML or similar frameworks

  Advanced knowledge of data technologies and architectures such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases, ElasticSearch

  Fluent Business English

  Above-average team capability, high level of initiative