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  • Elisabeth Widegren, Director Talent Acquisition
  • Pernilla Tremmel, Graduate Programme and Employer Branding Coordinator

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What is the application, interview, and selection process like?
  3. 3 What are some of the business functions where a candidate will be committed to in this graduate program?
  4. 4 How is the Volvo Graduate Program structured? Do graduates sit in one main department or do they rotate e.g. every 3 months?
  5. 5 How flexible is the Graduate Program about locations, jobs, sectors?
  6. 6 What do you look for in a future employee?
  7. 7 Can you please tell me examples of projects on which we will working on?
  8. 8 What is the next step after finishing the graduate program?
  9. 9 How would you describe the corporate culture at Volvo Cars headquarters?
  10. 10 With whom would we be working with in the Graduate Programme: only with graduates of the Programme, only with Volvo Car Group full-time experienced employees, or with a mix of both?
  11. 11 During the program, Do graduates are activelt involved in decision making in their respective department?
  12. 12 Does the graduate program take into account applications from no -EU citizens
  13. 13 How will be my performance evaluated and on what basis? By whom? Mentor or someone else?
  14. 14 Is experience in the automotive industry essential when applying?
  15. 15 What does the day-to-day life of a Graduate look like at Volvo?
  16. 16 Hello, What is your program for MBAs?
  17. 17 Is the program start date flexible? In case it collides with graduation?
  18. 18 How many graduates is Volvo going to hire and which Disciplines?
  19. 19 What are the language proficiency requirement for the Graduate Programme?
  20. 20 Is there financial support regarding the accommodation and travel expenses during the program?
  21. 21 What are the main challenges of this program?
  22. 22 When will be the applications results announced ?
  23. 23 Can you give us examples of recent program successes? Both in terms of value for graduate and Volvo’s business. Thank you.
  24. 24 When exactly the program starts? August 1st or later date?
  25. 25 Is it possible to change between disciplines during the program?
  26. 26 Is it mandatory to be a Master graduated in order to apply for the program?
  27. 27 What is the biggest challenge during the program?
  28. 28 When is the assessment center day?
  29. 29 What’s the most important thing the company expects in the first 60 days from a candidate?
  30. 30 how do you assess leadership potential in applicants?
  31. 31 It was mentioned that the corporate language is english, is the development of swedish language skills supported by Volvo?
  32. 32 What do each of you like the most about working at Volvo?

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