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  • Kristin Kaggerud, Head of Yara Productivity System, Production
  • Beda Merkelbach, Country Manager Indonesia, Crop Nutrition
  • Anja Wideburg,  Vice President Talent & Leadership, Human Resources

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 What's the most important advice that you would give to a new graduate in the company?
  3. 3 Are there any "Graduate events" during the program: do the different graduates meet up all together to share their experiences?
  4. 4 Are employees encouraged to voice their values especially when they face ethical conflicts at work?
  5. 5 Is there any mentor/supervisor following up on the Trainee over the programme?
  6. 6 I would like to ask about success within Yara: what have done past employees to succeed in this position?
  7. 7 I know that through smart and green innovation of Yara's production processes, many can benefit. Less emissions, lower prices, etc. My question is, how will this directly impact the "people we help feed" area of Yara's mission? Thanks
  8. 8 Please talk about Yara's international corporate culture.
  9. 9 I couldn't find much information about Yara's program "Plant of the Future": could you please tell us more about it ?
  10. 10 Could you specify what you mean by, and I quote, "long-term commitment to relocate internationally" ?
  11. 11 What is Yara's current view and outlook on its digital future? Any specific plans?
  12. 12 Are we more considered apprentices or employees with responsibilities during the program? Are we working on real current topics with current Yara's employees or on fictive case studies to be tested ?
  13. 13 Does YARA provide additional assistance to it employees in the regions that might not deemed as safe for work?
  14. 14 What is the company's management style?
  15. 15 What's the best thing about working for Yara?

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